I have been out clubbing about 6 times. It’s not for me.


Having already said that I would prefer a Friday night in, now talking about my perfect Friday night out feels a bit fraudulent. But just because I like a night in, doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy some types of night out.

I don’t like stopping out until the wee hours, drunk and not remembering anything. And besides, the bass in nightclubs makes me feel sick. The last night out I went on was about 6 years ago. It was Christmas time. I slipped on some ice outside a club we had been queuing in the freezing cold. I did make it in but after about 10 minutes I decided my arm hurt and I went home. In the morning I had a massive lump in my arm where I fell. I promptly decided nights out like that weren’t for me.

If you actually know me though, you will know the reason that I have missed the last two days posts (I promise to try and do those this weekend) is because on Wednesday night, or should I say Thursday morning, I got in and to bed at 3am. I had 2.5 hours sleep and then went to work. It was fine, but I had to go to bed at 8pm on Thursday night. And to be honest, I might not make it much later than the time of posting this today!

Now, it wasn’t a Friday night out big I wish it had been a Friday because then I could’ve had a lie in! What is was, was a midnight screening of the final Hunger Games film: Mockingjay Part 2. So the evening started as somewhere between a night in and a night out. Essentially, it was a night in but at someone else’s house! We had pizza and snacks and watched the previous Hunger Games films. And then we went out to the cinema. It was a night out in my book. I don’t go to the cinema much any more, it’s just so expensive these days. But what I do still like is event cinema. Where it’s something I really want to see and there’s something special about it. I’ll make the effort for that and boy was it worth it.

My next Friday night out that I have planned is a theatre night. We will go for a meal first. Then we will go to the show. And then, we will wend our way home, possibly looking for a dark spot to look up at that stars. Now that, for me at least, is a brilliant night out.


Love Charlotte x