I am a slave to video. Not really, but I do spend too much of my time in front of the screen.

At the time of writing I have 198 videos in my YouTube watch later list.

I have 2 seasons left of How I Met Your Mother I have committed to watching.

At least 2 full series on my hard drive recorder that I haven’t made a start on.

Around a dozen DVDs that I haven’t watched yet, if not more.


I sometimes take snippets of video when I am out somewhere. Not often, I mostly do pictures. But every now and then I take a video. And as I discussed in my blog on photography, I don’t know what to do with those clips. It’s even worse than pictures because I can’t even print them out.


I recorded some beautiful fountains on my holiday last year.

I recorded an awesome death eater wand fight demonstration the other month on a trip to the Harry Potter Studio tours.

But these clips remain, unwatched.

I watch other people’s videos. I live a good vlog. But I don’t have the dedication, or frankly confidence let alone an interesting enough life to do that. But recently I came across something that could work for me:

1 Second Every Day.

I came across the idea while listening to a TED radio hour podcast. I cannot recommend them enough, if you are of a curious mind and enjoy spoken word media then you definitely should give it a go. They are hour long episodes, with a single theme which encorporate a few different, yet relating TED Talks. You can watch the talk about the 1 Second A Day here.


Cesar (autocorrect did not like typing that) Kuriyama, came up with the idea of stitching together single second snippets together, one per day, like a massive highlight reel of his year. And this is something that appeals to me. I have tried and failed before at 1 photo a day. I have tried and failed to keep a daily 3 good things diary. And yet, this is something I want to try or at least to have a look at more seriously.



Memories are such a bizarre creature. Sometimes it is so easy to recall something, other times no matter how hard you try you can’t call something you know is in there to the front of your mind. And so much stuff is lost forever. Maybe just maybe, little one second snippets could be just the aide memoire needed!


Please do go and watch that TED talk linked above, after all it is a video and that’s what today’s post is all about. I’d love to know what you think about it.


Love Charlotte x