Have an adventure this weekend. You don’t need to jet off to some exotic location, I’m sure you can find something to do right on your doorstep (or at least wthin a short drive).


If you live in a city, maybe there a museum you have been meaning to go to, but never do. Perhaps there’s a local art exhibition on. Maybe there’s a hidden canal walk not far from where you are. I found this out about where I live about a year or so ago and I was amazed!

If you’re in the country, go for a walk, go in a different direct to normal. Buy a day rover and take the train or the bus around and about.


I try to do this in my lunch breaks. I work in a city centre and it is so easy to just mooch around the same shops every day and either:

A) Get very bored

B) Spend money unnecessarily

C) Both of the above


So now days, I pick a direction and head that way until I hit the halfway point of my break, then I spin around and head back. I’ve been meaning to check out the local museum. And apparently the local town hall does lunch time organ recitals. That is also on my list. Because why not. The best lunch time adventure I had I ended up watching a sword fight demonstration. All because I ventured out.


Your local council probably has a website, and that website probably has a list of upcoming events. Find a market, find a show, find something! Twitter is an excellent resource, loads of people have accounts promoting local stuff, make a list a save everything you can find in it. Then when you want to do something, search that list.


I don’t make the best of my local area, but I am trying to explore it more often. Try new things, do things you might not normally do. The worst that happens is you have a duff hour or so and you don’t do that thing again.


Love Charlotte x