Kindness is the most beautiful quality.


The other day, a woman had a panic attack on the train.

It was fine. She was fine, her friend talked to her, a man reassured her, passengers opened windows and gave her space. She made it to the other side.

I found her after in the station and told her that he had done amazing. I told her she shouldn’t worry about what anyone else thought and that I hoped she was alright. I just wanted her to know it was okay. And she really appreciated it. All it was was a kind word. I don’t know her but that doesn’t matter. We shared that little moment and it helped.


It can be very easy to be kind or it can be very hard.

If I’m in a good mood, I want to help people. I go the extra mile for people at work and I do little things for people I know without really thinking. I love thinking of presents for people, and that moment of knowing I’ve gotten or made someone something they really like is (quite selfishly really) such a satisfying feeling.


But when I’m in a bad mood, I find it much harder. I don’t want to go out of my way. I don’t think so much of others. I’m not unkind or mean, but I don’t make the same effort. I’m sure this is true for a lot of people.


Kindness is something to be cultivated, to be constantly worked on and nurtured,

Kind is something we should aim to be every single day. There will always be horrible people. Vile people.Truly despicable people. But they shouldn’t let us think that we can’t be different, that we can’t be better than them. I’ve heard that violence is like a disease. That it spreads in the same way as one might pass a virus onto another. Close contact and contamination. Perhaps kindness could spread the same way. Like a positive virus. Let’s spread the cure.


Share your kindness with someone and they might just think to pass it onto someone else. They might not, but that shouldn’t stop us from trying anyway.


The idea behind Random Acts Of Kindness is a powerful one.

The first place I came across it was in Danny Wallace’s ‘Join Me’ where he accidentally started a cult. Sorry, it was a collective. And the purpose of said collective became to spread kindness. That was way back in 2002. Now, 13 years later, the idea is still going strong with one of my favourite youtubers doing a video with some suggestions of little RAOK that you can try yourself.


I’ve always fancied leaving post it notes in books or on the mirrors in changing rooms with positive messages. I’m going to make the effort to do this in the future.


Try something today, tomorrow, any and every day to make someone smile.


Love Charlotte x