I don’t have one.

I don’t think I do anyway.

I quite like the idea of being so knowledgeable about something that I could call myself an expert but actually, I don’t have the patience, the attention span or the concentration to pick just one thing and focus all my energy on that.

I like variety. I like lots of things and I can’t bring myself to pick just one thing. I even did a joint degree because I couldn’t pick one subject to do.


What must it be like to be so passionate about one thing?

To get so engrossed in it that you know all the ins and outs?

To want to do just that thing?


I’m not sure I will ever know. But I live in hope.


The closest thing I have to expert is how my office works. I can change the printer timer. I can fix the photocopier. I know people’s extensions. I know how to fix people’s spreadsheets. I know who is most likely to break their spreadsheets. I know how everyone likes their tea. And frankly, this makes me a little bit sad. That this is what I am expert in. I could be expert in something so much more interesting. In cases, in knitting, in riding a bike, in microbiology! I don’t know, just something more.


Are you an expert? What is it like?


Love Charlotte x