Sorry that the below post is late. When I signed up for #BEDN I didn’t realise I was going to get struck down by a rotten snotty bug and spend two days off work asleep. But even though I haven’t blogged everyday, I still want to make an attempt at each topic, so here we go!

Self Care (Should’ve been Sunday)

I don’t think I am good at self care.

But then again, I’m not sure how to define self care.

What does it mean? Is it pampering, like going to the spa or doing a face mask? Does it just mean eating a balanced diet? Does it mean taking vitamin supplements or getting enough exercise? Is it about taking time out to relax, to reduce stress, to do what is important for you?


I am not sure. It’s probably some sort of combination of those things and several other factors that will be different for every single person reading this.

I am a generally healthy, happy person and yet I don’t think I am very good at self care. I don’t neglect myself obviously but there are so many things that I could do that I am sure that I could do that would make me feel much better on a day to day basis that I just can’t get myself to do. At least, not with any sort of regularity or longevity.


I get tired a lot, and I have a regular bedtime booked in so that’s good. But I’ve previously been told I need to up my iron intake and yet I hardly ever take my iron supplements so that’s bad. I can’t say for definite if taking those tablets would make me feel better. All I know is that when they were actually prescribe, when I had to take them as instructed by my doctor, I took them and I felt better. Now it is my decision to take them, I forget, or I put it off or I do it for a week and then stop.


I have something much like eczema around my eyes. It is uncomfortable and unattractive. Again, I can’t say for definite but I am sure I could keep on top of it much better than I currently do. As it is I am trying, I really am, to try and get a sort of preventative routine going but I still act in a more reactionary manner. I’ll skip a day or forget to do part of my routine when I’m tired, or if it seems to be clearing up and then go into overdrive panic when it flares up again.


My mornings would be so much easier if I could just get my clothes out and decide what I was going to have for breakfast and lunch the night before so that I don’t have to try and make any decisions in my groggy half asleep state. But again, I don’t. Not consistently. I always think I’ll cope, I’ll be okay. But coping and being okay is silly when for such a tiny bit of organisation I could be breezy and happy and have one (tree actually!) less things to worry about.


Don’t even get me started on worrying. All I will say is I NEED TO STOP worrying about so much nonsense.


My constant goal is to try and look after myself better. I am hoping that by writing this it will help me to do so.


Thank you for reading, if you have done this far, to my pointless rants.


Love Charlotte x