Sorry that the below post is late. When I signed up for #BEDN I didn’t realise I was going to get struck down by a rotten snotty bug and spend two days off work asleep. But even though I haven’t blogged everyday, I still want to make an attempt at each topic, so here we go!

Photography. A Rant.


It is everywhere these days. I take so many photos. Mostly of food. When did that become a thing by the way? Admittedly I take a lot of food pictures because I intend to write blog posts about them but quite often this doesn’t happen.


I remember the good old days when you used to go out and get a disposable wow camera. Who remembers wow cameras? You got 30 snaps. That was it. I had a real camera too but they were more faff and more risky to take on a school trip. And then you used to take the camera to the shop and hand it in and then, like a week later, you got your pictures back. Earlier this year I got my photos printed via Bluetooth on my lunch break from my phone. Times have changed.


If I am honest though, I find photography overwhelming. I feel like I should take better advantage of the ease with which I can now take photos to document things better. I am almost never without a camera now, what with modern day phones and yet, I still only have about 4 photos of me and the boy. But yet, I don’t want to spend my time worrying about taking photos and missing the actual moment! I am a massive YouTube fan and I spend too much of my time watching people’s vlogs but I couldn’t watch my life through the lens of a camera. I want to watch it.


And then the worst bit. What to do with ALL those photos? I am a hoarder so indeed the need to keep them, but how to file them and back them up?

I would like to print some out but I am too lazy to do photo albums.

I love photo books but they cost so much money and are time consuming to put together.

In my current living arrangements I have nowhere to out photo frames.


And so, my pictures remain trapped. In their individual devices because I am not tech savvy enough to have the, all synced somewhere. They remain unloved and unused and there in I think lies the problem. I think I need a photography system of some kind. If anyone has any advice please share it with me because I can’t help feel I am missing out on the joys that photography could bring.


Love Charlotte x