I am a food person. I don’t really drink. I don’t do drugs. I don’t buy expensive hand bags. But I do like food, and I like tasty food at that.

One of the very best gifts my mum has given me in my life is definitely the gift of Food Snobbery.

Not Brand / Image Snobbery, I’ll eat a supermarket own brand of cereal with no issue at all and funny shaped vegetables are right up my street. Nor, do I mean Fine Dining Snobbery, give me a hearty bowl of sausage and mash and I am happy.

I just mean, I like a good quality, nicely cooked meal. My mum was brought up on roast dinners cooked each day by my granny and my mum has pretty much cooked for us every day too.

Don’t get me wrong, we have burgers and chips and pizzas and all that jazz. But we home cook a lot of those things. I like to know what is in my meals and I get a lot of enjoyment from cooking meals myself. Especially if I can batch cook the, and freeze them for later! Oh yes, home made ready meals are just the best thing ever. All the enjoyment of cooking a meal combined with none of the stress of having to whip it up at the last minute.

I have my guilty pleasures, like anybody. I think my guiltiest of these has to be super noodles. Yep… Instant add water and bubble up noodles. It’s not even a fancy brand that has an air of cultural-ness about it in its fancy paper up with oriental designs. They’re called Bachelors for goodness sake! A brand name based on their ease and convenience and frankly laziness. But worse than this, in keeping with my lack of brand snobbery, if I see some noodles in Aldi for 15p I will snap those up! They are blooming tasty for something that I presume must be made out of sweepings up.

I don’t eat them often. And I feel pretty disappointed in myself after I do. But I still go back.

I worry about how I will cope when I have to make all my own meals. My first home purchase (after the kettle for a post move in brew of course) is going to be a HUMONGOUS FREEZER and I am going to spend that first week stood in front of my hob and oven stocking that thing up to the brim. Otherwise, I’m either going to be very hungry or I’m going to eat a lot of instant noodles and spiral into shame and self pity and prolly vitamin dificiancy.

Hmm… I’ve got myself wondering what to have for lunch tomorrow now. Any suggestions?

Love Charlotte x