It’s Monday.


Sometimes on a Monday morning (or late Sunday evening) I find myself singing ‘Back to life… Back to reality…’ It’s just a shame I don’t know any more of the song.


I work a regular 5 day week and as much as I wish I wasn’t, I am one of those people who get so excited for Friday afternoon. I get excited at the prospect of the weekend. At the escape. And then Monday comes along, uninvited and spoils the fun. Back to the metaphorical admin coal face I go.


But Monday isn’t the bad guy. Just like Jessica Rabbit. Please tell me someone else got that joke? It’s all about perception and your attitude to it.


So… In an attempt to show Monday in a better light, here are my top 5 things about Mondays.

  1. Catching up with everyone about what they did at the weekend: I like sharing what I did, and what they did and enjoying a good story.
  2. Seeing my Monday colleagues that don’t work on other days: Part-timers!
  3. Enjoying the quietest day of the week: my office really ramps up Tuesday onwards.
  4. Going lunchtime shopping: I refuse to go into town on a weekend when I work in a city centre so sometimes at the weekend I plan where I will go on my Monday lunchtime.
  5. Crossing a day off the list! Only 4 days to go: Get that countdown to the next weekend going!


Okay, that’s a pretty ‘Clutching at Straws’ list but I really don’t mind a Monday. Tuesday is my least favourite day for reasons that I won’t go into right now. But for all of you giving Monday a bad rap, it’s not Monday’s fault. The whole construct of the week is man made.


It’s not Monday’s fault that we put the weekend on Saturday and Sunday.

If the weekend was on Wednesday and Thursday we’d all hate Friday. And we chuffing love Friday.


Cut Monday some slack, it loves you. It is always so eager to get to see you and that’s why sometimes it seems to arrive a bit early. Just embrace it and give the the affection is so desperately craves.


See you tomorrow.

Charlotte x