Good evening all.


I have signed myself up to Blog Every Day in Nivemebr. Or #BEDN. I found out about it here if you want to find out more. Essentially, it’s a topic per day but rather than having to come up with them myself.


I had pretty much abandoned this little space. I’m tired. I’ve been trying not to get the innumerable colds and coughs going around my office. It’s hard to come up with stuff and then actually be able to write this.


Today’s title is ‘Something new about me’. I can’t remember what I’ve told you on this blog so I’m just going to tell myself something instead.


I am trying.

And I will keep trying.

I am trying to be the person that I want me to be.

The person who will be happy.

The person who is brave enough to say the things she thinks or do the things she wants to.

I am not that person.

I am happy though.

But I will keep trying to be happy.

I will keep trying to improve on it.

I will keep trying.

I’m sure I will fail.

But I will fail small and try again. Not fail big and quit.

I am not finished.

Love Charlotte xx