The romp through August continues! I much prefer actually doing these weekly rather than typing them all up at once! Next month, mustn’t have a broken iPad! Haha.
This was a tough week for me. I had awful back ache, it was the week before my holiday (I was shattered by this point, I really needed this wee, off about two weeks sooner) and work was pretty chaotic and pressured. But I still got my three things, even if some of them are a bit like clutching at straws!

Saturday 15th August

  1. Going on a mattress hunt and learning all about the different types of mattresses. Side sleepers should not get a firm mattress. You need a medium one apparently for the best support.
  2. I got a pointless answer while watching the quiz! Chad. I thought people would’ve learned about Chad by now on that show.
  3. Getting a good night’s sleep. I’m pretty sure this was in last weeks list but I really haven’t been sleeping well.

Sunday 16th August

  1. Much less back ache. Still pretty bad but I could move far more than yesterday!
  2. Bought a new mattress! Yay! Memory foam is soooo comfy.
  3. Singing along in the car. Everyone likes a good sing-a-long, it makes you feel so much better,

Monday 17th August

  1. Checking off all my top priority items on my to do list.
  2. Delicious biscuits from my friend. Click here for her blog post about them!
  3. Jelly! Again! I do love jelly.

Tuesday 18th August

  1. Making a start on my holiday packing. Not a big start but I decided on the clothes to take and piled them up neatly, ready to pack away.
  2. Being given a voucher for a free burrito! Such an exciting moment while covering reception at work.
  3. Getting a much quieter train home after staying late at work. I actually got a seat! Plus, staying late meant that we got to help someone out that really appreciate it.

Wednesday 19th August

  1. FREE BURRITO! Please see yesterday’s list re the voucher. It was sooo good. Mum. Burrito.
  2. Getting my new bike! Bring on the fitness.
  3. Going for a mini bike ride in the rain with the boy.

Thursday 20th August

  1. Having a really tasty pasta salad for lunch. It had a good mix of different bits and bob
  2. Getting through my annual appraisal at work with a good result.
  3. Fixing my iPod. (Yes, my iPod was broken while my iPad was too!)

Friday 21st August

  1. Treating myself to a Primos hotdog for lunch for getting to the end of this mega week.
  2. Finishing my pre-holiday work to do list.
  3. Going on holiday!!! I got myself settled on the train and enjoyed the transition from work to break. Lovely.

So, not the most exciting week. I had quite a lot of back ache and found it quite stressful trying to wrap everything up at work ready for my holiday. But it is this sort of week that is good for doing this three things expertise with. It makes you realise that things aren’t that bad really.

Just one week and a bit to go of August. Holiday week. It should be good.

See you there.
Charlotte x