It’s catch up time! Let’s look back on the second week in August and see what good memories I can draw up from the memory banks!


Saturday 8th August

  1. Raspberry picking to make a batch of ice cream! Tasty.
  2. Dusting. While wearing an actual dust mask. I know this is a boring one but I sneeze an awful lot while dusting but I actual got to have a big sort out without msking myself poorly on this day!
  3. Having a go at driving my dad’s car. I can drive. I’ve passed my test but I haven’t driven since! And my dad has a big car and I learnt in a smaller one. It was a bit nerve wracking at first but it was actually really good to see how normal it felt it drive even after the big break! (I hasten to add this was just in a car park. Not on the roads just yet. Haha).

Sunday 9th August

  1. Making jam! Mmm…. More jam!
  2. Getting 5 books for £1 at the charity shop!
  3. Going for a little walk where we got to learn all about locks on canals, had a nice chat with a man picking blackberries AND found a free pallet for a project!

Monday 10th August

  1. Planning a handmade card for a work friend’s leaving. Buying the supplies was really fun.
  2. Collecting a comic book for a friend. Always nice to do a good deed!
  3. Very good night’s sleep. Simple.

Tuesday 11th August

  1. Good news from my friend Marie – she got a new job! Congratulations!
  2. Mini Lush haul… Mm bubble bars!
  3. Jelly!! Who doesn’t love a tasty jelly for pudding at the end of a long day?

Wednesday 12th August

  1. Day trip to York with my mum and sister.
  2. Getting a discounted lunch by using my new voucher app. I LOVE a voucher so having them in my phone is brilliant!
  3. It was so, so sunny. Such a brilliant day you have off. Thank you weather.


Thursday 13th August

  1. The Boy’s birthday. Old man now.
  2. Birthday tea out at pagoda with his family. I haven’t done many events with his family yet so I’m glad this went well.
  3. Ordered some sandals I’ve been eyeing up all summer that have finally gone into the sale!


Friday 14th August

  1. My Bat cake turned out a success! Na na na na na na na na BAT CAKE!
  2. Having a really fun time at Woolcifer’s leaving do.
  3. Sneaky drink out with the boy before home time.


That to me seems like a pretty good second week of August. I really enjoyed looking back over it, it’s made me feel quite warm inside.

I’m going to try and get my other weekly reviews up ASAP to catch up.


See you soon.

Pip pip,

Charlotte x