Hello. Here is my Three Good Things diary for the first week of Agust 2015.

It’s not all bad after all!

Saturday 1st August

  1. Starting my next stripe on my knitting. It’s starting to look really good now. I have no odes how long it is going to take to become a blanket but I’m really enjoying the process so I guess that doesn’t matter.
  2. Making peppermint and laughing hysterically when they started going wrong.
  3. Birthday tea with friends. Not my birthday I hasten to add. It was Misty’s birthday.


Sunday 2nd August

  1. 12 mile walk around a reservoir – I did not realise it was going to be a 12 mile walk when we set off. I was tired.
  2. Picnic in the sunshine. Unexpected sunshine I might add. We thought it was going to be cloudy! Bonus!
  3. Lazing in bed with podcasts – always a good way to round off a day.


Monday 3rd August

  1. Deciding which bike to buy – the man in the shop was so very helpful, it turned out the best bike for me wasn’t even the most expensive one in my budget zone! Yay!
  2. Making a birthday cake for a friend.
  3. Rose passing her driving theory test!


Tuesday 4th August

  1. Getting the boots points from a friends shopping trip. I need those points!
  2. Everyone enjoying the birthday cake. Always nice when your work is appreciated.
  3. Booking an afternoon off work! Self explanatory.


Wednesday 5th August

  1. Achieving 67 words per minute on a typin test. My best score!
  2. Buying a new bike. I’ve only ordered it at this stage, i won’t get it for a few weeks but I a, really excited to have finally made the commitment!
  3. Bake Off is back. CAKE!!!

Thursday 6th August

  1. Afternoon off work. Only working 3ish hours in the morning felt like such a guilty pleasure!
  2. Trip to Ilkley. This included lots of nice little shops, lunch and a tea break with my mum and sister. Just lovely. Even better when it stopped raining!
  3. Meeting a target. Who doesn’t love that satisfaction of gettin to the bottom of a pile of work?


Friday 7th August

  1. Beating my step target on Google Fit.
  2. Sharing Cookies at work. It cheers everyone up!
  3. Watching The Original Star Wars for the first time.



So there you go. I’ll admit that in this week there were a couple of pretty pants days but even in those there were still good things. It’s just a case of trying to focus on those.


See you next week.

Charlotte xx