As much a I believe in packed lunches there are occasions when I am running late or feeling lazy or don’t have much in and fancy something from a shop. This is absolutely fine, it’s totally allowed to buy a lunch every now and then. I just personally can’t afford to do it everyday and, to be honest, I like my packed lunches. But, when I do buy out, I like to get something extra if I can.

I have what some people have described as a slight obsession with loyalty cards. At the moment I have a total in my bag I currently have about 20ish (that doesn’t include my two library cards).

A small sample of my loyalty collection.


I also, am not loyal to any of these places. Today’s lunch was kindly supplied by Subway, but that doesn’t mean that I exclusively buy my lunches out at Subway in order to earn those points. That is ludicrous. According to Subway’s website if you have registered your card you get 10 points per £1 and a ‘free’ 6″ sub costs 500 points. Doing the maths that means you would have to spend £50 to get that sandwich. It’s not really free is it?

One ‘free-at-point-of-purchase’ Subway.

Spiced Italian. Mmmm.


But… I like an occasional Subway, and while I would never go there deliberately with the idea of earning enough points to get a free sandwich, I might as well get the points when I do go. I was going to spend that £3 anyway so it might as well be earning me something!



I know people who struggle to use a voucher or loyalty scheme because it makes them feel embarrassed and to these people I say ‘Get Over It’. Recently I was able to use my nectar points to have a meal out for two for a grand total of £4.85. I don’t earn a fortune and the restaurant will be able to claim the money back from Sainsburys (I assume this is how the offer works) anyway so why should I feel embarrassed. And, bonus off the back of this I got two vouchers for 2for1 on main courses plus a free portion of dough balls because I did a survey on the receipt. 5 minutes work for a free starter. It’s a no brainer to me!

I appreciate that Sainsburys is not the cheapest supermarket but it the nearest to both my home and office so I earn my points by scanning it every time I buy even a small thing such as a punnet of tomatoes or box of crackers. They all add up. It might take a while but while I don’t exclusively shop at Sainsburys (as this would go against my earlier policy of not actually being loyal for the sake of points) quite often it is the only choice available to me so as before, I might as well get something out of the transaction.


So, to summarise. Yes to loyalty cards. No to shopping exclusives in those places. Just shop as you normally would and if you happen to earn a freebie enjoy it!


Pip pip for points!

Charlotte x