Sometimes you just want an old school home comfort and for me, that’s a jam sandwich.


Jam sandwiches feel like being a child. And they feel like a fun sandwich. One that I think we move away from as adults… But why? Why must we be mature and have fancy sandwiches that have things like avacado in them or boring things like plain cheese? Why can’t we have fun? Why can’t we have a treat? Let’s face it, a jam sandwich is the closest thing to a pudding you can have as a main course!


However… If the guilt just keeps eating away at you, I think an excellent way to justify such a scrumptious sandwich is to use homemade jam. But don’t despair! I am not suggesting you slave for hours over a pan and nor am I suggesting you cheat and just buy a fancy jar (although if either are your preference please feel free). No… I am talking about my recent discovery of Microwave Jam!

Yes… I have found out that you can make jam in the microwave and it is so simple! It is a revelation!

At this time of year as well, soft fruits can be picked up at markets or Pick Your Own farms for pretty cheap and you can stock up your cupboards for months to come. Yes, we’re going a bit traditional but in the modern age, I think that’s quite nice.


Step 1. Weigh out equal measures of fruit and sugar. I used raspberries. If using a chunkier fruit like strawberries chop them up into bite size pieces first. If you like a firmer jam, get jam sugar. The added pectin will give it a much more set texture. I like a runnier jam so I just used regular old granulated. (Also that was all I had)!

Step 2. Add the juice of a lemon.

Step 3. Microwave for 15 minutes.

You will need to stir it every few minutes and towards the end you need to keep a very close eye as it will try and bubble over. Just hit stop and let it settle down before starting again.


Then just let it cool a bit before popping into sterilised jars. I ran mine through the dishwasher but you can put them in the oven or use a sterilising tablet if that’s easier for you.


And there you go! For less than 30 minutes work you have JAM!


All that is left to do is spread it on some bread and you have a highly satisfying lunch!


I’m going to have a go at blackberry jam once they are ready too. Then who knows!? Marmalade? What other kinds of jam are there? What are your favourites?


Call back next week for more ideas from my lunchbox!


Pip pip,

Charlotte x