It’s that time again. Lunchtime.

Or… Maybe it’s that time where you start worrying about what you’re going to have tomorrow.


I had this very feeling last night. So I went for a fail-safe option. ‘The Poorman’s Lunch’.

Dining Al-Desko

Random bits of food on a plate has always been a lunch option in my family but when I tried to explain this to a friend she couldn’t understand the concept. Until I compared it to the English pub classic… The Ploughman’s. All of a sudden she got it, but promptly dubbed my cheap lazy version The Poorman’s.


If you don’t know, The Ploughman’s lunch is basically some cheese, chutney and bread all washed down with a beer. Sometimes there’s some cold meat chucked in. For a better explanation the ever reliable Wikipedia explains it here.


As you can see, my version today included: cheese, lettuce, a tomato, a boiled egg and some crackers but you could include anything you wanted. I also like to chuck in a carrot sometimes and a cold sausage would be amazing! I do like a splodge of salad cream too but I didn’t have an appropriate tub to put any in this morning. I must pinch some sachets next time I’m at a pub for the future! But you could take a whole range of dips and things if you had some little containers.

It’s a good way to use up fridge left overs and is really easy to chuck together at the last minute. The only thing I do that is a teeny tiny bit if effort is wrap my crackers in foil… Just try avoid them going soft.


Let me know if you think this is a weird one or if you think it’s a good idea. Think of it as a salad you couldn’t be bothered to chop up if that helps you get on board! I promise it’s pretty darn tasty.


See you next Wednesday for another lunch box idea.

Pip pip

Charlotte x