That’s what cool stuff is called these days right? Reboot?

I have no idea. I’m not cool.


I am however, embarking on a series of posts about lunch boxes. And especially, what to put in them.

I have always been a packed lunch sort of girl. At school I took a packed lunch rather than have school dinners and even at college and university I would take food in rather than buy it when I got there. There is no point pretending this isn’t because I am a but of a cheapskate.

Lunch costs.

A lot.

A modest lunch bought out will be somewhere in the region of £2 – £3.

A more exciting lunch will be nearer £5 – £7


Let’s say you work a standard 5 day week, buy lunch every day at an average of £5 (I am allowing for a drink and a snack aswell here).

You get about 6 weeks off so that’s 46 weeks of the year at £25 a week spend.

That is a massive £1150! Even if you just took one packed lunch a week you would get that down to under a grand at £920.

Which, frankly I still think is awful but then I’m not paid the mega bucks.

That is a holiday! A lovely holiday!


Last year I spent a month having a different thing for lunch everyday. It was tough but I did it. I tried doing that again this year in January but found that my goal to save money meant I wasn’t willing to buy a lunch out when I ran out ideas at home. And I think ideas are a major part of the issue with a lunch box. Thinking of ideas is hard. And time is the other massive factor. The morning is a rush and nobody wants to have to spend loads of time preparing a lunch when they can just pop out of the office and grab something.


So I am going to try and put together a bank of ideas for us all to use. Ideas that are quick, easy, possibly ideas that can be made ahead of time or in bulk and above all tasty! No one wants a boring lunch after all.


I am planning to post a new lunch-related post each Wednesday. Sometimes it will be a recipe. Sometimes it will be snack focused. I might do lunch box reviews or what I had today type posts. We will see but keep your eyes peeled for some Mid-Week Munchies coming very soon.


Let’s do lunch soon,

Pip pip, Charlotte xx