Move over San Diego, Wakefield is joining the Comic Con scene.


I can’t remember when I found out that Wakefield was holding a comic con. But it was a while ago.

We booked our early bird tickets, not wanting to miss out and promptly pushed it to the back of our minds. As it drew nearer, we started to think about how popular it might be and what might be happening. We couldn’t really find out too much to tell. As neither myself or the boy are Facebook users, and most of the marketing seemed to be on there, we were able to gain a bit of info about who some of the celebs we’re going to be, but nothing that told us how big the even was or how many people were interested.


The event itself was probably about the size that I was anticipating. Held in the newly renovated Unity Works it was jam packed with traders selling all kinds of different memorabilia and gift ideas and of course many, many comics.


In terms of popularity though, it was big. Bigger than we had thought and bigger by the slightly disorganised queue system when we arrived with our early bird tickets, bigger than Wakefield was expecting.

The early birders (who were allowed in between 10 and 12) were queuing halfway around the building when we got there at about half past. The people who wanted to get at 12 had already started a separate queue. By the time we left about two hours later that queue was gettimg close to surrounding the whole place. I think they were operating a one-in-one-out system because we were warned as we left that if we wanted to come back in we would need to queue again.

Things I wish I had done at Wakefield’s Comic Con.

  1. Taken more pictures. I was just a bit overwhelmed by the whole thing.
  2. Taken some pictures of the Cos-Players. I’m sure they would’ve let me but I was too scared to ask. And also, the overwhelmed thing again.
  3. Queued for the signed photos from the Red Dwarf guys, especially Robert Llewellyn. I would’ve liked to have told him that I have really enjoyed his News From trilogy.
  4. Known more about actual comics.


If you have any pictures from the event, please share them or let me know where I can find them in the comments, especially the costumes. I would love to see them. One day, maybe, I wouldn’t mind having a go myself!


I really hope that Wakefield does this again next year. It was pretty darn cool and I bet it would be even better next time.


I shall end this post here with a picture of the most giant inflatable Baymax, because… Baymax!


Pip pip,

Charlotte x