Hey there you.

Let’s see how badly I failed at June then shall we? Come along and find out with me.


Take more iron.

I had 1 solid week at work where I took it every day. Then I got a bit patchy. But I did feel better when I was doing it so I’m going to try and keep it up. Surely irregularly is better than never right?

Work on my posture.

Again, I had a really great week or two where I was really aware of my posture. I was even doing a stretch routine in the hope that it would help. But now I seem to be sneaking back into slouching. I am considering swapping my chair at work for a more back friendly one. I’m sure there’s one in the other office!

Stick to my budget.

Oh ho! Yes! A success. I’m normally okay with my money but I really wanted to keep a spending diary in an attempt to make myself more aware of what I spend on. This I have succeeded in doing pretty much 100%. There have been a few days where I forgot and had to update my app the day after but it has overall been a success. I shall see if I can do even better next month!

Complete some sort of craft project.

I started (another) a new one. Enough said.

Fill a bag for charity.

Another success. One bag filled up for the charity shop. A few things lighter on my end. Every one is happy. I might do a little post about it, just to remind myself of my efforts!


June has really torn by. I can hardly remember it. In fact I remember it starting and thinking it was AGES until my next day off from work and that has just happened. Time is disappearing and that is a bit scary. But the only thing to do is go with it becuase it’s going to disappear anyway.


I hope you’ve had a successful June, in whatever way that might be.

See you for July!

Pip pip

Charlotte x