I saw this originally on The Vlog Brothers and then the lovely Essie Button did her video too. I thought it was such a lovely idea so here are 15 of my favourite feelings.


  1. Clean bedding: I think everyone enjoys this. Clean sheets, fresh new duvet cover and pillow cases. Extra points if it is a brand new bedding set. Even more bonus points if the bed is cool and it is a summer’s day.
  2. Sitting down when your feet hurt: The sweet sweet relief of kicking your shoes off and putting your feet up. Even if it’s just for 10 minutes for the train ride home.
  3. When you’re running late but your train is running late too: Speaking of trains. The feeling of knowing you’re going to miss your train (in particular the evening commute train) is not a nice one. But getting to the station to find it’s still there or hasn’t arrived yet is such an amazing feeling.
  4. Good tomatoes: Biting into a proper summer cherry tomato and feeling flavour explode in your mouth is just pure bliss. I will eat tomatoes all year round but I relish them during summer when they are their very, very best.
  5. Losing track of time: I need to know what time it is. I like to know when things are going to be. How long they’ll last. How long is left. But sometimes, I get so swept up talking with someone that I forget entirely about keeping track of what time it is and it stops mattering. Those times are the best.
  6. A really good sneeze: Not much more to say. Aichoo!
  7. Getting a present spot on: I love giving presents. Celebrating an occasion with someone is a wonderful feeling and getting them something to mark that occasion that they truely love and appreciate is just awesome.
  8. Finishing a project: I get such a feeling of accomplishment. Of achievement. Of ‘Oh yes, look what I’ve managed to do’. This applies for everything from knitting a cardigan or cooking a meal to completing a nasty spreasheet at work.
  9. Hugs: I am a hugger. I love a cuddle. They are cosy and safe.
  10. Getting a proper letter in the post: Nowadays all that comes in the post is bills and bank statements and charity newsletters that I don’t want to read. But I have one friend who I write to and even though we’re not the best at quite responses (me in particular) when that little envelope with a handwritten address turns up it is so exciting and satisfying that I want to do a little letter dance. Sometimes I do.
  11. Getting a bargain: I am a saver. Saving up for things. When I was younger it was always holiday spending money. Now it’s things like a house deposit or actual holidays. And I love a good deal or bargain. Finding something in a sale or using a voucher when going out for a meal makes me smile. I’m not totally stingy but I do enjoy knowing I’ve gotten something for less.
  12. Being organised: I am disorganised by nature and I have some hoarder tendencies. This means I struggle with keeping tidy and organised. But I am slowly getting better and every now and again I have a really motivated moment and manage to wrestle my life into some sort of order. And for the week or two that this lasts I feel so much better, calmer. The eventual goal is to be like this all the time but it is an uphill struggle.
  13. Sharing food: Good food is important to me. I like making food, eating food and most of all sharing food. Whether this is a meal with friends, trying and swapping dishes or taking a cake into the office and watching people enjoy it just fills me up with happiness.
  14. Being in the sunshine… With a breeze: Oh summer. I do love you for the three-ish weeks you make an appearance here in Britain. But I do feel the heat very easily. I’m talking 27 is getting a bit warm for me. Although admittedly, I’ve never done those lazy laying by the pool holidays. Maybe I could take the heat better if I didn’t have things to do. But providing I’ve slapped on the sun cream (my pasty skin burns at the me mention of sunshine) I do like the feel of the sunshine. And a gentle breeze just to stop it feeling like I’m being cooked makes it just delightful.
  15. Having a hair cut: A few years back I chopped my locks off into a pixie cut and I have never looked back. I think my hair is getting long when it hits about 4-5 inches. I love the feeling of having it all cut back down to 1 or 2. Sure, it’s a bit chilly in the wind but I really don’t like the feeling of hair on my face or neck or around my ears. When I had long hair I used to tie it back every single day. When my hair is short I can get on and feel comfy. If my hair doesn’t move when I move my head, I am happy.


So those are 15 of my favourite feelings and as both the you tubers above also said, that was harder than I thought. It shouldn’t be that tough to come up with 15 things but I got stuck on about 10 for quite a while.

Thinking the up though made me smile though. I hope more people do this as I love positive things and sharing things people enjoy.


Pip pip

Charlotte xx