Who am I to disagree?



I do disagree actually. For the past five nights I have had some strange dreams that quite frankly have left me baffled and confused and a tad concerns for my own sanity. If anyone has any analysis on what on earth this mishmash might mean I would be thrilled to know.


Sunday Night

I am at home. I find out there is an important business meeting at the travelodge. The big boss is going to be there and it is mandatory everyone attends. I for some reason spend a very long time changing my outfit trying to work out whether business wear or smart casual will make the best impression. I resign myself to the fact that I have missed the meeting and flop on the sofa instead.


Monday Night

I have gone out with an old school friend and a work colleague. For some reason the school friend’s mum picks us up at the end of the night and takes us to our respective homes. I am not tired when I get I so potter about. I decide (for some reason) that I can’t sleep in my bed so I take my duvet downstairs with the intention of sleeping on the sofa. Only when I get there do I realise it is light and that I have stayed up all night. I wake up confused as it is almost the same time as the time the dream ended.


Tuesday Night

I go to a lecture theatre with my boyfriend. It is full of trendy looking youths. We take our seats and sit through the first half. I don’t know what this was about. During the break I go to another room where everything is very sciencey looking and all the colours are white and green. I have some sort of scan thing where they stick those things to your head. I return to the lecture theatre to find my boyfriend has changed seats and we are in a different row. I eat a marshmallow. He gives me a kiss and it tastes of smoke. During the break he has chain smoked 4 cigarettes. (He doesn’t smoke). He tries you blame the taste on me when I question him but I know it isn’t me because of the marshmallow. I refuse to sit next to him and the lecture starts again. This time it is a colleague giving a presentation on the attendance at a local college.


Wednesday Night

A man comes into work wanting help with his CV. He doesn’t want to wait until the next available appointment so I offer him a local drop in centre at the Jewish Welfare Board. (This is a legit thing in my job, we have an adviser who works there one day a week). He says he can’t go because it is only for Jewish people. I say it isn’t and the adviser will be happy to see him. He shows me his CV which says that he is much better at any job than you (ie. the person reading it). Then he says it won’t be too long until he can get help as he is converting and having the operation. Ouch.


Thursday Night

Somehow it turns out I’ve put my dress on inside out and someone points it out by saying it makes me look ‘lopsided’ and that I really should sort it out. I decide to pop to the loos and change. The first floor toilets are flooded. The second floor toilets have disappeared. The third floor toilets are just cubicles in the corridor that people can see over! I go in hoping no one is around and find that the bin is overflowing with rubbish. I hear people having a conversation nearby and panic. I don’t know if I managed to turn my drss the right way around.


Surely you can see my concern. Why the heck is my brain coming up with this nonsense?! It’s all very odd and has made for a week of not very good sleep. This is the most dreams I’ve ever remembered in a row I think which is why I’ve decided to write them down.


Is there anything I can do to have nicer dreams please? Where are you Mr. Sandman? Bring me a dream.


Pip pip

Charlotte xx