Please tell me it’s not just me that is freaked out by the fact that June has arrived?


And it’s not even sunny. Boo hiss pantomime style.


To top it off only have 1 day of annual leave this month. Right at the very end. It’s going to be torture. Five day weeks again. No thank you!

So cheer myself up and to make myself feel a bit better about the fact that I’m running out of year already I am setting myself some goals for June. Just for June mind, just you give me something to focus on to get me through without sinking into a big old heap of dispari on the floor.


  1. Take more iron.
  2. Work on my posture.
  3. Stick to my budget.
  4. Complete some sort of craft project.
  5. Fill a bag for charity.


Just five little goals. Five little things to focus on.


Firstly, iron. I’ve been anaemic before and while I don’t feel anything like that alright now, I want to see if using my iron intake again will help me feel less lethargic and groggy. So a daily shot of iron is on the cards.


Secondly, posture. My posture is atrocious and I have recently become very aware of back aches during work. So I’m going to try and really focus on sitting and standing properly. Maybe I’ll do some stretches too. I just want to schlump less.


Thirdly, money. I always try to be good with my money but I really want to try and keep track my spending this month. I’ve worked out a daily spend limit and I want to try and stick to it.


Fourthly, crafting. It is always hugely satisfying to complete a craft project and I have several half finished ones on the go. Let’s box one off and feel that sense of achievement.


Lastly, donations. I am a hoarder but I am always trying to declutter so in June I want to get a charity bag together, even if it’s just a carrier.



So, the we go. Simple goals that I hope will help me feel like I’ve achieved something or made an effort to make things a little bit better for myself.


Anyone else got any mid year ish goals? Working on something to make your life better?


I’ll report back on how I’m getting on, hopefully it’ll be good news!


Pip pip

Charlotte x