Hello my friends!


I’ve been on a day out. More than a day out, an overnight trip. And boy oh boy was it a change of pace. (My pun on speed was entirely unintended I promise).


I am not into racing really. I’ll watch the odd bit of F1, occasionally Moto GP, but this is mostly if it’s on when I’m eating my lunch. And then I pick a person based on if I like their name, or the team colour. So my previous favourite F1 driver was Rubens Barrichello. It is now Kimi Raikkonen. Who it turns out is pretty good. I just liked saying his surname. Thus far I’ve not managed to latch onto a biker name. Unless you count Guy Martin, and I first fell for him when he fixed up a narrow boat, not for being a biker so I don’t think that really counts.


But somehow, last Thursday, I found myself wandering around the paddock of Donington race track, looking at tyres and trucks and getting signed posters at the press conference! Oh yes. (That sounds much more cool and exclusive than it was, you just turned up).

Disclaimer: I say somehow… I was invited along by the boy. I had a legitimate ticket and all that jazz.

The top 5 riders at the press conference. Some cheeky fan tried to goad the lead.

I liked the one on the left because he had a cool helmet.

Me and The Boy pretending we’re cool* on the hydraulic lean bike.

*I am not cool.

My favourite park of the paddock: The comfy inflatable sofas.

Kindly provided by either: Alpha Romeo, Aston Martin or a strange looking cartoon show.

I can’t remember.

Practise day, Friday, was spent having a very nice time indeed. We did a full lap of the track, saw all the corners, checked out the museum and ate overpriced food. I still don’t know anything about bike racing. But I do know it’s a cool way to spend a day. We were only there for the practice day I think I would struggle on actual race day just because of how busy it sounds like it would get. I have to admit I found myself getting a bit bored if we stayed at one section for too long. As a ‘non-fan’ there was only so many times I could watch them go around the same hairpin. But walking round, pit-stopping (intended) at each different turn was fascinating.

My favourite section of the track. Craner Curves.

The green power ranger taking on the Hair Pin.

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it to be honest but let’s face it, it’s not every day you sit on a grassy verge as motorbikes zoom past at goodness knows how many miles an hour!


Maybe bikes aren’t your thing, but why not give them a go? It’s a day out and you might just have fun. The same goes for other stuff you’re not into. If you see a deal or an opportunity, why not have a go. You don’t have to do it again if you really don’t enjoy yourself.


Pip pip,

Charlotte x