“A long sleep and a good laugh are the two best cures for anything.”

I can’t remember where I plagiarised my twitter header from but it is something I stand by regardless.

I’m not so great at the first one, struggling to drop off and achieve any sort of quality sleep but the second one I will actively seek out wherever possible. I will always choose a comedy film over a horror, a sitcom over a soap opera and have a multitude of hilarious podcasts hiding out on my iPad for listen along laughs.

Imagine my excitement when on Christmas day I open my Christmas card to find a pair of tickets falling out to see none other than the fabulous Stephen K Amos. If you are imagining anything less that jumping around giddiness then you are underestimating the situation. Exactly two months later we rocked up to the beautiful City Varieties in Leeds and settled into our seats waiting too see what happened.

I don’t want to cause any offence Mr. Amos but I can’t actually remember a lot of the show. This I’d probably because I spent a lot of it in tears clutching my stomach from the pain of laughing so much in such a non stop fashion.

I do remember late comers who thought you would be playing The Grand, late comers who thought dessert was an emergency and more important than punctuality, an American who didn’t know what lilt was and had come to visit just Leeds and Manchester…

I remember you finding out about Meat Raffles and learning the phrase ‘wang it’ And did the Oxford audience really refuse to sing the muppets theme tune back to you?

We walked down awkward street together, talking about the tough topics like racism, death and sex. I never had the talk either Stephen. And while we’re on awkward street you announcing to a newly wed bride’s dad that her and her beau were probably still at it like rabbits was pure awkward gold.

I feel like I am whittering on now, and frankly if you weren’t there (which chances are you weren’t) then a lot of this won’t have made much sense. Let me assure you though, it was amazing. It’s good on the telly (who doesn’t enjoy a bit of ‘Live at the Apollo’) or on a comedy tour DVD but in person it is so much more! I can’t wait to go and see another and another and another.


*Goes to empty bank account buying comedy tickets*


Pip pip,

Charlotte x