I do not like how we are already a day into February. 2015 is racing away from me! But it’s been good so far.

Not to say I haven’t had some tough moments but I am very much focusing on the positives so I figured writing a list of some of my favourite things would be a good way for me to do this. Some of the things might be small, some might be big but they are all things I happy about nonetheless.


White Christmas

Going to see the first show of the year was brilliant. And what a show to start it with. I am very much looking forward to seeing more!


Insurgent by Veronica Roth

Finally got around to reading the second part on this trilogy. I’d only been renewing it from the library since October!


Cat Out Of Hell by Lynne Truss

I borrowed this off a friend and while it isn’t my favourite book of all time, I am happy that I stuck with it. It was very different to my usual choices and it was great to branch out of my comfort zone.


Cutting down on my spending

This is probably the thing I am most happy about. I have hardly bought anything. I haven’t bought anything from Primarkp or the Poundshop. I haven’t bought any food while at work. I’ve taken a packed lunch every day but it is snacks that are my downfall. Sometimes I cave in and get myself a ‘treat’ when if I had just planned a bit better I would have all the snacks I needed for the day.


Organisation improvement

I have managed to get my clothes ready for work the night before every time expect twice which I really regretted. I have really appreciated the way having my outfit ready I’m the morning helps my morning. I have also been trying to write out a to do list at the end of each day and blocking out my time. It’s not been a 100% success but it is a start. Finally, I have tried really hard to get ontop of buying presents and cards ahead of birthdays rather than leaving everything last minute.


Use it up

To tie in with money saving and organisation I am trying to use things up. So far I have used two balls of wool and I am sorting through various bath type items to see what I have ‘in stock’ rather than buying new stuff.


I am not really much better at sleeping. But I am seriously trying to work on it. I am reading a book all about sleep and I actually managed to get in some shut eye in a bedroom that wasn’t mine. That sounds odd but I struggle sleepig anyway so somewhere that isn’t home just adds to the challenge.


January has been pretty darn good. I’ve already got a few things I am looking forward to in February so i think I can make it even better.


Love Charlotte x