Yes, I know it is already closer to February than it is to last Christmas but stick with me please.

White Christmas has been showing in Leeds since 25th November last year and has been so popular the run has been extended to the 24th January, if you are lucky there might still be some tickets available. If there are I urge you to see it.

I actually booked my tickets before Christmas but I was so busy in the run up that I simply couldn’t fit it in before the big day. Not without giving myself a nervous breakdown at any rate. So I decided to stretch out the festive spirit by going to see it just after starting back at work on the 6th January.

I apologise for the late arrival of this review but one thing or another got in the way and capote me already writing something, clearly my iPad didn’t think it was worth saving so here we go again. I am hitting save a lot this time!


I already knew a few people who had seen the show during this run and they all prised it very highly so I went in pretty confident that I was going to see a good production. One colleague went so far as to say it was a Broadway Standard production. I have never been to Broadway, but I have been to the West Emd it was definitely, beyond doubt on par with some shows I have seen there.

I hope you will not be disappointed with me when I say this was my first experience of White Christmas. I have not seen the film. I physically had to chatter over the woman sitting next to me to my theatre companion as she started to explain the plot to hers.

“Surely you’ve seen the film” she says.

“Nope” is the response.

“Well what happens is…”

“Lalalalalala I don’t want to hear what you’re saying!” Is my reaction.


I am not going to tell you about the plot. Not in detail anyway because I would always rather come at something without knowing what the story is. Even though I love rereading a book or indulging in reattaching a box set, it is so much more exciting to discover something new, and to go on the journey with the characters rather than know the path they will follow.

I will say that it contains: success stories, failures, schemes, a love story (of course!), an adorable little girl and some absolutely cracking songs! Those people could belt out a tune, that’s for sure.

But it was the production I think that really sold it to me. Layers upon layers of sets. Backdrops that flew up into the rafters to reveal more and more backdrops. Costume changes. A revolving stage. Stairs to nowhere. Gold sparkles raining down. Glitz and glamour galore! Oh, and plenty of tap dance envy! I was transported to a whole new and different place where everything sparkled and shone.


I have never actually seen a theatre show more than once. There are so many out there and I don’t have limitless time and money with which to see them that I have always chosen to see something new, even if I have really enjoyed a shoe before. This one though, I would look out for again, even if I just watch the film equivalent. For now though, I’ll just watch the trailer and reminisce about how wonderful it all was.


Next on my 2015 Theatre Adventure is Stephen K Amos in February. I like to keep it varied.


TTFN. Ta ta for now.

Charlotte xx