January is pants isn’t it. We should definitely move the new year to a time when I actually have some motivation rather than a time when I want to hibernate to avoid the desolate feelings of never ending cold and being trapped indoors.


That small moan over, let’s take a look at how January is actually going shall we?



The Lunch Box Challenge: Fail

First of all, I have already given up on my attempt to resurrect the Lunch Box Challenge. I think I made it two weeks before it was either spend money on buying my lunch that day or repeat a meal based on what was already in the house. Given that my biggest goal of 2015 is to cut back on unnecessary spending, the lunch box had to take one for the team and that goal died a death so another could fight another day.


That isn’t to say though that I won’t have another go at this again in later in the year. Perhaps instead of diving in blindly. I will make sure to have a few more ideas on standby.



Theatre Review: Fail

I have also failed miserably to post my review of White Christmas which I saw back on the 6th January. That is actually what I came here to do today. But it wasn’t here. I started writing it, I did. I had written quite a lot. But now, for whatever reason, my blogging app hasn’t saved it or I saved over it, and now it is gone. So, I will endeavor to rewrite it and get it up soon.



Projects: Fail

I have failed so far to complete any unfinished craft projects or to undertake my organisation ideas and clear out plans. Which is disappointing.


Having said that, I have been feeling pretty low and mustering up the enthusiasm has been tough. I’m sure if I had managed anything, from that last set in particular, it would’ve helped my mood a lot but that is the cycle which I have been inhabiting for the last week or so. Never mind eh…



But it hasn’t all been doom and gloom. I have done some things that I am pretty pleased with.



Cut back on unnecessary spending: Win

I haven’t spent any money during the day at work. This especially includes not spending in Primark and the Poundshop which are serious weaknesses of mine. I spend a lot on unnecessary things in the Poundshop. This is generally snacks or random tat things that I think I want. And I really don’t need them at all. So I am not doing it. I am allowed to make necessary purchases, such as my favourite Menthol Lemsips, but not random bits and bats that I just don’t need in my life.


In terms of cutting back on Primark, this does also cover all clothes shops, but I highlight Primarni in particular because it is cheap, cheerful and a two minute walk from my office. I buy a lot of stuff in Primark. The hardest thing so far has been turning down a pair of Minion Jogger Bottoms. They look so comfy as they are basically the same as my Hogwarts pair which I just love for lounging in. But… Sadly for me, I don’t really have space for another pair and I don’t REALLY need them so I didn’t buy them.


I am considering setting them as reward for completing something this week though. Although I haven’t decided what yet…



Night before clothes prep: Win

Another thing I have managed to do is get my clothes out the night before for work the next day (except one day which I really regretted in the morning. I used to do this all the time and then for no reason I just stopped. Starting again has really made my morning easier. I am hoping to find some more tricks to really help me get through the morning successfully.



10 minutes of organisation per day: Massive total fail

I am a disorganised, overly cluttered, has too much stuff, hoarding mess. And I am overwhelmed by it. I feel so much better when I am tidy but my natural tendencies means I just end up with a big fat heap on the floor. I decided I could commit to spending just 10 minutes a day tidying up. I figured even though it would take a long time, 10 minutes is better than none and it would get me there eventually.

Apparently I can’t commit to this.

I have only actually managed this twice. Although, one of the day’s was a weekend day. And I did about an hour that isn’t the point. It was supposed to be a routine that I got myself into. And I haven’t. Yet.

I am blaming it on my mood of late but I am really going to try again and look at this week as a fresh start. In fact, if I can do my 10 minutes every day until Friday, I will go back and get those joggers! Come on incentive, please help out!



I fear that I have rambled on enough now and that none of you is actually bothered about my goals but writing this out has helped me so that’s okay. Maybe you have been more successful in your goals so far. Or maybe you too are struggling. Either way we can get through this and achieve things COME ON US!



TTFN. Ta ta for now.

Charlotte xx