Is it just me, or does anyone else sometimes find New Year a bit overwhelming.

Not the partying, that’s not for me, but the ‘opportunity’ of it all. The fresh start. The clean slate. The chance to change your ways and fix all the stuff about you and your life that you wish could’ve been better last year.

I have already written about how I like to set goals for the new year. And this year will be no different. But actually, if I am really honest about it it makes me feel anxious. I feel pre-emptive failure. I feel scared that this will be another year where I don’t make ‘progress’. It is so easy today to compare your life to those of others. And I don’t know where I want to end up, so finding a away there is difficult.

But… If I don’t set some sort of goals, I feel like I am missing an opportunity. So I go around in a vicious circle where I feel like I let myself down either way. Yay.


My attempt to avoid this in 2015 is to set goals that are actually thngs I can do. That I can tick off the list.

I am also going to try and keep them manageable and not overly time consuming. I don’t do well at things that drag on.

So this is whati have got so far:

In January I shall resurrect the LunchBox Challenge.

Finish my half finished craft projects:

  • Pom Pom cushion
  • Hedgehog pin cushion
  • Snowman teacosy
  • Pinecone wreath
  • T-Shirt quilt
  • Decoupage jewelry box
  • Sewing Repairs:
    • Sew buttons on white shirt
    • Sew button in blazer
    • Sew new buttons on spotty coat
    • Fix pocket in red coat
    • Fix purple coat belt
After those are completed: Start other craft projects:

  • Decoupage mirror
  • Make a woven denim rug
  • And / Or a french knitting rug
  • Pull out cream jumper and re-knit
  • Knit a Christmas jumper
  • Make a phone case
  • Knit more blanket squares.
  • Sew an infinity dress
  • Scan in all my old birthday and Christmas cards
  • Make a photo book of my third trip to the Harry Potter Studio Tour (If I can find a good offer)

Make more handmade presents.

  • To help me do this I plan to set a 2 month, then a 1 month warning on my phone calendar to remind me to get my thinking cap on for presents without having to rush.

So, that is what I really think I could have a good stab at.


My more ‘vague goals’ are things like:


  • Cutback on unnecessary shopping. Especially in the Poundshop and Primark!
  • Pass my driving test
  • Read all the books I own but haven’t read
  • Same for DVDs
  • Declutter
  • Start using Instagram
  • Keep saving up
  • Do stuff. You know, fun stuff.
  • Try not to worry and stress about EVERYTHING!


Okay my blog post chums, thanks for reading this far. I would love to know what you think about New Year. Do you make resolutions? If so what are they? Do you have any tips for my ambitions?


I really hope you have an excellent 2015.

Let’s give it a good go anyway shall we?


Love Charlotte xx