I’m sure all families have Christmas Traditions. And I am sure they are all different.

For Christmas Eve I would like to share a few of ours.


Holly in the mirror

When my mum was little, her mum (my granny) always used to stick a sprig of holly in this mirror. Now we have it we have carried on the tradition.


Festive Chicken

My mum hates Festive Chicken. My dad found him in a car park and for the last few years we have taken to hiding it in the tree. Much to my mum’s annoyance. We try to claim it’s a tradition she maintains it isn’t.

But it is.


Fire Sausages

Also for the last few years, we have cooked sausages on the fire as our Christmas Eve tea. It’s very exciting and makes for very good sausage sandwiches.


I would love to hear about any other Christmas traditions people follow. It wouldn’t be Christmas without ours.


Love Charlotte xx