Woooooooo hoooooooooo!!!!!!!!!


Broken up for Christmas. That is a whole 12 days before I have to be back at work again! I cannot remember the last time I was off for that long. I am SERIOUSLY excited.

I am planning a relative lie in for the morning. I say relative. I have to get to get up to do a couple of bits and bobs but I won’t have to get up until at least… Um… 7.30? 8? And then maybe I can go back to bed for a nap!

Oh I am so rock and roll.

So rock and roll in fact that today I feel the need to share with you the epic-ness that was my office’s FUDDLE!

Seriously, check that out.

It has a flipping cheese board! On an actual bamboo chopping board!

And a whole roast chicken!

And, of course my contribution of homemade lime and coconut cake.


We went for fruit and crudités over boxes of chocolates and biscuits. But what else would you expect from a fuddle where 50% of the contributors were teetotal at the work Christmas do where the free wine was running freely.

And it was a jolly nice time. We all really enjoyed the sharing atmosphere and it definitely helped the last day go much more pleasantly than previous last days.

I am going to suggest we make the fuddle a much more regular thing. It was fun and it would be nice to have something to look forward to more often.


I want 2015 to be the year of the fuddle.


Love Charlotte xx