So today was the ‘enforced fun’ afternoon at work.

What I mean by this, is we had our company Christmas do. Which involved a tasty meal, a raffle and a Robbie Williams tribute act. Oh and a ‘festive disco’ but I snuck out before that.

I was mainly concerned for the tribute act to be honest. I don’t do well in loud gig type environments and you can never be sure with a tribute whether you’re getting someone taking it seriously or someone in it for comedy value.

Fortunately, our guy was a nice is of the two. He was funny but could hold a tune. And he had some hugh quality sparkly jackets. Jackets that could be rivalled by no one else!

So… We had the meal: root veg soup, pumpkin ravioli and chocolate sponge-no I am not a vegetarian, they just sounded the tastiest and boy they were. Especially the ravioli.

Then the raffle… I didn’t win.

Then Robbie.

And then sneaking off for the earliest train home I’ve taken in months!


Two trips to Sainsburys later (I forgot to get the pastry the first time) I ended my day by doing my baking for tomorrow. The last day at work fuddle. Christmas gift Sausage rolls and a cake. No I haven’t iced it yet.

This wasn’t a very joined up blog post but then again, it wasn’t a very joined up day.


Only 3 sleeps to go!

Love Charlotte xx