Happy Shortest Day Of The Year!


Yesterday I did my Christmas present swap with my friends. An annual tradition which varies between a not so secret Santa, everyone getting everyone a gift and this year, 1 big (ish) present each and 2 little ones.

We seemed to go down the handmade route though which lead to headaches for almost everyone. In fact at 4 IOUs were given and I was 20 minutes away from having to write out a 5th. Talk about cutting it fine.


Presents that were owed were personalised stories featuring the recipient and a crocheted bag. I spent the entirety of Saturday frantically wrapping cardboard letters in wool and sewing knitted flowers together. While fighting a cold that has full on smacked me down today. I was in such a rush that I completely forget to take any photos. If I can get the recipients to take some for me I will eventually share them but it may be that you never get to see them. Shame.


So to the evening itself, first we focus on food. And how do you celebrate Christmas? By over ordering at the Chinese takeaway of course. Clearly at this point in the evening I was still on the ball enough to remember I was going to write this.


Wow. Chinese takeaway looks pretty unappetising as a photo. But I assure it was delicious!


Then we moved onto presents. Apparently Christmas has removed any ability to plan blog posts properly because not only did I forget to take photos of what I gave, I have stashed everything I got under the tree at home and I can’t be bothered grovelling about to take photos now. Oops.


Things recieved were a Minion biscuit tin, books, choccies, a bath tea bag a customised file and an Olaf mug. A very good set all round I think, and there’s a story and a bag to come later on! Woohoo.

But the presents weren’t the highlight. It was just nice to spend a good 5 off hours with my best friends. Now we are grown ups (some of us further into being grown ups than others) it is harder to get together. And I think a sign of true friendship and excellent hospitality is when you turn up at a friends fighting off a cold as well as offering tea, coffee, soft drinks and booze, your friend also makes you a lemsip.


It is almost Christmas, so soon you won’t have to read this drivel! Haha.

4 more sleeps!

Love Charlotte xx