I have been fortunate enough to see several shows this year, but I think tonight has topped them all.


Tonight I saw James and the Giant Peach and it was incredible.



Limited cast played a multitude of characters and a beautifully simple set was used to tremendous effect.

Who new you could make seagulls from flippers and rhinoceroses and sharks from saws?

That you could inflate and deflate a balloon to make scrumptious peach flesh?

That 70s fashion could look so amazing on a spider?

And that earthworms were so funny?

The cast not only acted (obviously), and sang but played their own instruments. The music was amazing the characters were lovable (or comically hate-able in terms of Spiker and Sponge) and if there is a giant inflatable peach being bounced around the audience then what’s not to love!?

James was superb. His energy was boundless and infectious. I wish I could describe it better but I can’t. All I know is I haven’t smiled for that long in a jolly good while.

If you want a taster, this is the trailer.


Definitely the best thing this year. The best.


Love Charlotte xx