It’s too late.

So you are getting another very lazy blog I am afraid as Bligmas takes a back seat to actual Christmas and present making.


The low point of today was being made to feel like I couldn’t do my job.

Followed by a middle-ing point of being welcomed to hide out in the IT office during my lunch break so no one asked me if I was alright. I wasn’t and it was obvious.

The high point had to be swapping my first Christmas Present with Surrogate Rose.

But other excellent points included:

  • Seeing an old friend I hadn’t seen for years and years… In Sainsbury’s of all places.
  • Not knowing what the boy has got me and the Surrogates for Christmas when they do. It sounds exciting.
  • Finishing 1/3 of someone’s Christmas pressie.

So overall, the good outweighs the bad.


As, it probably almost always does if I really try and make it that way.



Short and sweet.

Love Charlotte xx