If you read yesterday’s blog, you might have realised thinsg weren’t going super well over in Chez Charlotte. I was overwhelmed, tired and demotivated by the uphill struggle I was facing in the run up to Christmas.


I didn’t we up feeling much better. After an uneasy night’s sleep, involving nightmare of such intensity I woke up crying I dragged my sorry self out of bed feeling frankly rotten. And I continued in this fashion until about 11.30am. When I finally just about came round. I was still tired but at least I had gotten over the lethargy.


At lunchtime I achieved a thing. I can’t say what incase someone reads this but I needed to tick it off my list. And doing that really helped me feel more positive.


I had a pleasant afternoon and a successful team meeting where I won the prize for ‘Good Egg’ which was very unexpected as I had been one of the main people to make up the stupid prizes so I certainly wasn’t expecting to win one myself. It was a really lovely surprise.


Then we decamped to the Slug and Lettuce for our annual Christmad Do. I can definitely recommend it. For £5 each we got an excellent buffet and someone provided bubbly. This may have been the manager, I’m not sure. But we all appreciated it regardless.

The only downside is I think we all felt like it was Friday, which it really isn’t. And it really felt like the start if the Christmas wind down. When really there is a lot of work still to be done.


But who cares! We all had a nice time. The day has progressed on an upwards trajectory so I can only hope the week carries on in a similar way.


Love Charlotte x