Sometimes you need to escape.

I know I do.

It makes me feel better and helps me deal with all the real world nonsense a little bit better once I get back.

I like escaping by physically getting away. Going somewhere else. Basically hiding and pretending that real world doesn’t exist so much. I just hang on to all the bits I like and take those with me if I possibly can.


But sometimes you can’t run away. You can’t have a weekend away from home or book some time off work. So what could you do instead?


Get a takeaway.

Watch a movie.

Read a book.

Listen to an album.

Go for a walk.

Have a long bath.

Work on a project.

Play a game.

Call a friend.

Do not complain to said friend about whatever you want to escape from. The idea is to forget it.


My favourite is to have a project. Maybe with a film on. And perhaps some nice friendly company who will share a cup of tea and biscuits with me while I click my needles or get covered in PVA glue.

Having something with an enjoyable method and a satisfying result is one of the best ways of escaping for me because that I one of my main issues with the real world. It never stops turning. I don’t do anything in my job that ends. I can never complete anything because the nature of the job means it just rolls over and over.


But the question is, if it wasn’t like that, would I need to escape.

And if I didn’t need to escape, would it be as enjoyable. Because even though I need to escape, which is bad, I really really enjoy my time when I do.

I think you need some lows to appreciate the highs.


Love Charlotte xx