As someone who normally commutes standing up after sprinting across town, any journey where I get a seat is nice, but travelling first class is a luxury.


Today I made such a train journey, I wasn’t planning to book first class but it was actually the cheapest ticket available!


Things I have noticed about first class:

  1. There seemed to be more men than woman.
  2. Most of the people seemed to be travelling individually.
  3. Most people were looking at tablet computers (not much different to standard really).
  4. The majority of travellers looked to over 35.
  5. And a bit businessy.


I have decided one of the main reasons it is so luxurious though is that it is quiet.

Everywhere is loud. Work, home, the town centre. It gets a bit much.

And I think the reason it is so quiet is because of point two on my observation. People in first class are travelling alone so there is no chit chat. No inane banter. No one was talking on their phones and even though people had their earphones in no one had their music turned up too loud.


There is a brilliant amount of leg room, which is useful when you are wearing wellies and can’t really sit comfortably in them without stretching out. There is also a great amount of elbow room which meant I was able to crack out my knitting! Not my french knitting that I do on my usual commute, the proper, two needle kind. It was so relaxing.


I found myself thinking that if I ever become rich I would genuinely just boom train tickets for the sake of the ride. For that time slots that is all mine. If I could do it in the daylight so there was some scenery to look at out of the window then all the better but even in the dark it is vey enjoyable.


Travelling first class isn’t something I can do everyday, but it is something I look forward to as an occasional treat. It’s the little luxuries that make the difference.


Love Charlotte xx