Online dating is a big thing nowadays. I know quite a few people who met their other halves over the old tinternet, whether that is an actual dating site or Facebook. Heck, Twitter even played a small part in my relationship starting up.

I appreciate that with longer working hours and busy schedules, meeting people can be tricky. Or if you have interests that aren’t going out it can be difficult to know where to meet someone. Going online means you can find someone like minded who shares your tastes.


If you do find someone you like the look of, for goodness sake keep your wits about you.

Meet them somewhere neutral like a local pub. But maybe not your local pub, just incase.

Tell your friends where you are going. I would even suggest inviting them along. Not to the date obviously but get them to sit nearby so that if you need a get out they can come over and rescue you.

Don’t invite them to your house.

You don’t know who they are or if they are crazy.

They probably aren’t, but what if they are?

If you are going to invite them round maybe get a large friend to hang about?


Call me paranoid but I up just think you should get to know someone first before you invite them around.

Maybe I am paranoid.

Maybe I have trust issues.

Or maybe I am just old fashioned.


I don’t know, all I know is my boy used to have to meet me about three streets away. Then one street away. Then outside my house but he had to wait in the car.

You might think being so strange would have driven him away but he still turns up and he is actually allowed in my house now and we are jolly happy.


It is unlikely the person who inspired this post will read it, but if you do, I only have your best interests T heart. I want you to be happy. And safe.


Love Charlotte xx