I can’t believe we have made it to day 9 already.

I also can’t believe that it has only taken 9 days for me to get stuck. To run out of things to write. Oh dear.

Because certain people read this blog, I can’t write about certain things, for example all the Christmas presents I am working on. And this is currently a VERY big part of my day to day routine.

My work days are currently very repetitive and not very exciting so there’s not much to talk about there.

I am full of writer’s block. Which means I am empty.

All I can offer you is a list of things I am looking forward to, with some omissions that only I will know about.

  1. A Vampire Story
  2. Team Christmas Drinks
  3. James and the Giant Peach (Mostly because I have never been in the Courtyard theatre before!)
  4. Non specified Christmas Crafts
  5. Christmas (free) lunch with work.
  6. Chinese and Present swap with The Core.
  7. Lie ins
  8. A 1.5 hour train journey. In first class. That is and hour and half that is all mine!
  9. Christmas TV! Esio Trot anyone?
  10. Planning a 2015 holiday.


So, that is my list. And listing it out has cheered me up very much.

One last thing I am looking forward to, is after Christmas being able share the stuff I just can’t share yet!!


Love Charlotte xx