Does anyone else have major problem finding knee boots they like or am I just picky?


I have been looking for a new pair of winter boots for months to no avail. I had to get a new pair after my last pair basically fell apart from over wear. I think a good pair of knee boots are a winter staple but I find it so hard to find some I like. I can’t afford to go up the pricey end of boots, as much as I would like to buy several pairs I have seen in the £100+ zone, I just can’t justify it to myself. So I have to look down the more budget end of the market.


The problem is that cheap stuff seems to look so, well… cheap these days. And I don’t want to look like I’m wearing some cheap tacky shoes. I’m not against cheap clothes. Half my wardrobe is made up from bargain buys and no one has ever commented in a negative manner but it doesn’t mean I am wiling to settle for something that isn’t my style.


After trawling the shops I ended up back where the last pair of boots came from, Tesco!

I thought I’d found a beautiful pair and ho ho ho! They had a discount on them too!

I placed my order.

I waited.

They arrived today!


And here is where the other problem I have with boot purchasing appears.

They just don’t fit!


I’m not super skinny in the calves. Nor am I particularly large. I just have legs. They take me places Nd for this I am thankful. But they don’t fit into boots. Nope. They flap about and look baggy and this saddens me. I’m not after skin tight, that would be uncomfy. But it would be nice if all the rain didn’t get in them.


I have ended up in a situation of having a cheap pair of pumps at work so that I can wear my wellies to work. Not ideal I’d rather just have some boots.


I apologise for this rant, if you bothered reading it, well done and thank you.

Love Charlote xx