Today was the day we trimmed up for Christmas in our house.

I love Christmas and trimming up should be one of my most favourite parts.

Inevitably it ends up being quite stressful though as we all power through muttering annoyed mutters until it’s over and we flop down on a sofa (this has been impossible for the last couple of hours as they have been covered in boxes of decorations) with a sigh of ‘it wasn’t that bad after all’.


We argue about how big the tree should be.

I always think there aren’t enough lights.

My sister always wants more Nightmare before Christmas ornaments.

My mum wants less.

My dad wants us all to help. Which just means we get in each other’s way,

I miss the old decorations. I like them. They are nostalgic but they never seem to come out.

I also like quirky handmade things. My sister doesn’t.


And then there is the controversial subject of Festive Chicken.

Festive Chicken? Oh yes. If you want to find out more about what on earth Festive Chicken is you will need to stay tuned to Blogmas!


But, the main event is up. The tree is looking fine and there in some good quality mantelpiece dressing going on. I imagine anything else will get completed over the next couple of days.


It can’t just be me who had these ideas of putting the decorations up as blissful and fun and then has to realise that actually it’s a lot of bother, can it?


Pip pip, Charlotte xx