My office is a mess.

An absolute mess.

And I have had enough of it.


We moved into our currentp office back in February and it is only now that we are managing to sort through some of the junk.


Okay, so this isn’t actually a Christmasy post. We have basically just started the spring clean a few months early. But that is the thing about this time of year, I start thinking about next year and how I can make it better than this one.


We have been through a lot of changes recently at work. My company was bought by another, which at first caused some concern and worry. We took on a new contract which isn’t particularly fun and went through a restructure which saw a few familiar faces leave and not many new ones have turned up yet dues to delays in recruitment.

I don’t want to make out like it’s all doom and gloom. Apart from a pay cut next year (which being honest, I’m obviously not thrilled about but understand why it has happened) I don’t really see what everyone is fussing about. It’s really not as bad as people are making out and it was a few changes here and there or go bust and not have a job at all (or so I can gather). I know which I’d prefer.


But my positive attitude doesn’t stop it being a stressful time.

It doesn’t stop the fact that the new contract is a horrendous obstacle course of jumping through hoops. Hoops that are on fire. And really, really tiny.

It doesn’t mean i don’t want to make it work either.


It’s not going to settle down properly this year. It just isn’t going to happen. We don’t have all the staff in place yet and the rules and regulations change so frequently it’s hard to keep up. So I reckon we might as well use the up and down time to chuck out some old junk and try and organise ourselves so that when stuff does get overwhelming, we are as best prepared for it as possible.


I just need to apply this to my personal life and I will be sorted.


Love Charlotte xx