If you are expecting a post about how to cook the perfect turkey this Christmas then I am afraid I must disappoint you for that is not what you are about to read.


We are only 4 days into December but well into what I think is the Festive Season. Christmas Markets have been up and running for a few weeks, town centres are decked up and generally the idea is get into some Christma Cheer.


I haven’t seen a brass band yet but I am hoping to soon. Because if there is one thing I love p, especially at Christmas, it is a brass band. Throw in a choir doing Christmas carols (not songs) and I will be a very happy bunny indeed.


What I have seen though is these things:


I have no idea what they are or why they were walking through the town centre at around 5pm. Nor did I have time to find out as sadly the commuter train waits for no man! So a hasty snapshot and a sense of intrigue and mystery had to suffice.


Was there a show on?

Were they to promote something?

Were they part of an act or an act in themselves?


There was a marquee a bit further up and some chaos in smart attire who looked like they could be magicians setting something up but there was no signage saying what was going on, so it is unlikely I will ever know.


But I enjoyed the moment all the same. It made me smile at the end of a long day and surel that is in keeping with the festive spirit?


Love Charlotte xx