At the time of writing I am sat on the sofa in my living room, which just so happens to have a proper fire in it.

Not a gas fire, or an electric fire or even a wood burning stove (as lively as they are) but a proper, in the grate, needs a big hearth and a rug incase it spits, fire.


This is how I know winter has arrived generally because we have to get the chimney sweep out in order that we can light the thing without filling the room with smoke and the coal man comes and fills up the coal hole in the garage. Winter has arrived and it it just marvellous.


But it’s not all toasty fires is it? At the time of writing I also have really rather badly chapped lips, despite liberal applications of lip balm. Only a small thing yes, but the constant stinging is starting to irritate me now and I would be much happier if it just shoved right off and left me to enjoy the flamey goodness in peace.


So, I thought I would do a little list of the pros and cons of winter. It is by no way comprehensive and certainly isn’t in any particular order just as they occur to me. At this stage, I have just as little idea as you do as to what they are going to be. Let’s find out together shall we?


Pros of Winter

  1. Soup: Oh yes. Soup. I know you can have soup any time of the year, gazpacho for instance is designed for the summer months, but I am talking about proper hearty soups that warm not only the body but the spirit too. Those sort of soups you don’t crack out until the temperature drops and boy are they worth waiting for.
  2. Hot Chocolate: In particular Christmas hot chocolates from cafés. Normally, I am not a fan of buying over priced drinks out and about because I am a bit cheap and I know I have access to free drinks either at home or at work. But at Christmas, there are exciting flavours and cute cups to be had. Who can resist!?
  3. Cosy PJs: Is there a better excuse for new PJs than the fact that it’s getting chillier? I am also including onesies and twosies in this because I LOVE THEM! If I could, I would spend the majority of my time in my nightwear. The choice of cute and fun designs is endless and they are just so much comfort than ‘Human Clothes’ (As my friend Rose has taken to calling regular outfits).
  4. Movie nights (and days!): With the weather getting colder, you have the perfect excuse to stay in, curl up under a blanket and watch a good film, comedy dvd or do a box set marathon. Settle in and get comfy because you don’t need to go out really do you?
  5. Getting in from the cold: If you’ve managed to work the timer on your central heating so the house is already warm when you get in (you knew you would have to venture out eventually) it feels like you being defrosted. It is pure bliss to shake off the chill and melt away into point 4 above.


Cons of Winter

  1. Layers upon layers upon layers : After establishing that coming in from the cold is great, sadly it does require that you go out in it first. And for me, that means layers! I get cold very easily and I do not like being cold which means I complain a lot if I am. This means I have to layer up during winter to the point of feeling like the Michelin Man. I will wear tights, leggings and socks under my jeans. Which I will then cove with winter boots. And while this stops me being cold, it also stops me being able to bend my knees.
  2. It’s SO DARK: Obvious but true. Winter means it’s dark. Which makes me feel a bit fed up. Although I have to admit I have made it pretty far in without getting too down in the dumps this year which I feel is an achievement. But spending all the daylight hours at work is never a fun way to pass the time.
  3. Shoppers: With winter comes Christmas (you wondered when that was coming didn’t you?) but with Christmas comes Christmas shoppers. And Christmas shoppers clog up the town centre when I am trying to take my lunch break. My 1 hour of being out in actual sunlight per day. Get out of my way and let me have my vitamin D time in peace.
  4. Christmas Shopping: In particular when you don’t know what to get the person in question. I love giving presents, I really enjoy it, but I want to do it well and that can be hard when you have NO idea what to get someone. Give me a clue please?
  5. Being ill: Everyone is ill in winter so even if you’re not actually poorly yourself you are trying yo avoid getting one big or another. I commute. On a jam packed tin box of germs. And then I go to work in an office dealing with members of the public. Who are full of germs. And my co-workers come in from other locations where they have interacted with other groups of germ-tastic people. I’m not trying to be mean about the people on my train or the people I work with. We are all full of germs, myself included. It’s just a wonder I’m not coughing up my own lungs for a greater percentage of the year.


I am pleased to report that I found coming up with the Pros list much easier than the Cons which is surely a good thing. I know there are many more for each category so please feel free to share your favourites and hates of this chillier seasons.


Love Charlotte xx