Does anyone else find that in the run up to Christmas it can feel s bit overwhelming. Like it takes over everything and it is the only thing you can focus on?


But not in a nice ‘Oh I’ve got that Christmassy feeling’ way.


In an ‘Oh my goodness, I have no time and can only do things relating to Christmas but not actually have fun doing them because of the need to cram everything in’ way.


I hope it’s not just me.


I tried very much to come up with my ideas ahead of time and I have got some stuff sorted out, but I still find myself with a lot of things to make and a lot of things to do. I am using my commute to make presents and my bank account has taken a hit with online shopping. I can’t even remember where I have put my Christmas cards, nor do I know when I am going to write them.


I love Chrstmas, I do. But I wonder if I have made too much work for myself which is going to spoil it.


There is a change of subject coming up, but bear with me, it’s relevant I promise.



It’s a Tuesday, which means I have a driving lesson. Yes, I am still having lessons because apparently I am not very good at passing driving tests. I recently failed for the second time at the end of November. But I was all set to book it again and have another stab at it, I was raring to get it sorted out.


And then Christmas hit.


And I lost all my enthusiasm. Taking the test again. Having to do lessons. It all just felt like hassle I didn’t need getting in the way. And ploughing the money into it as well!? Crazy. But above that, I just found myself lacking motivation. Driving isn’t Christmas related so it wasn’t capturing my attention. It wasn’t important. Christmas is what is important.


No it’s not.


Not like that.


The important thing about Christmas isn’t all the baubles, bangles and bright shiny beads (although they are fun) and it isn’t the presents (even though I am super excited to give some special people done special things). If you’re of a Christian persuasion it is about celebrating a particularly important birthday but if you’re not, it should be about spending time with the important people in your life.


It’s a time to take stock, relax and wind down, ready to take on the challenges of a new year. Not frenzy yourself into a big ball of stress.


If you want my take on Christmas, here it is. Stripped right down:


I’ve always thought that it is wonderful that during the literal darkest times of the year, we put on more lights.


Love Charlotte xx





Ps. The driving lesson went well and I feel a lot more motivated about the whole thing again!