Hello and Happy Blogmas!


I’ve been away for a little while dealing with various bits and bobs out there in the real world. But now I am back. Back for Blogmas.


Basically, I was fed up of letting all the rubbish get in the way of me doing something I actually enjoy. So Blogmas seemed like a good way to try and get myself back in the groove. I did daily bligging way back in August and I had a jolly good time. So here we go again!


We start, yesterday (Yes I know that wasn’t December but let’s just brush over that) why I saw not only my first, but my second domestic Christmas tree. Bars, restaurants and shops have had their trees up for what feels like months now, but yesterday was my first glimpse of actual trees in people’s living rooms! I personally think it’s a bit early and I wouldn’t want to put my tree up yet but seeing other people’s cheers me up no end. Plus, it surely means soon it will be time to hunt out the over the top Chrustmas lights! Excellent!


Back to December. Festive things of today include getting my first Christmas card.


Starting my work advent calendar – a lovely gift from my friend Sam.


And… My home advent calendar. This one was from my sister. You gotta love Frozen!

And seeing as I didn’t buy any of my advent calendars, I bought the boy one too.

He has promised not to eat all the chocolates at once!


I don’t know if all my Blogmas posts will be of an equally festive theme, some defintely will be but some might not. Today was just a little introduction for myself back into blogging.


I hope you enjoyed finding out how into advent calendars I apparently am. I would love to see your advent calendar if you feel in a sharing mood!


Love Charlotte xx