Well October is almost over and I have still managed to keep up a three good things diary. I admit it is late going up but that is my fault, not the good things. Because October is slightly over 4 weeks I will roll the end of October together and pop it up in a week’s time. But until then, here are some things that have made things a bit better over the last week.


Wednesday 15th October

  1. New Chai latte drink for work
  2. Getting the headsets for the fancy phones at work
  3. Going shopping for a leaving present (sad, but still good)


Thursday 16th October

  1. Installment 4 of my payback of a money I loaned a friend
  2. Taking my friend out for a leaving lunch
  3. After work Pepsi at the pub


Friday 17th October

  1. Taking my driving test (I didn’t pass, but I made it through which was an achievement in itself!)
  2. Afternoon at The Surrogates
  3. Planning my dream Lush Haul


Saturday 18th October


  1. Clearing up and chucking out
  2. Tea with the Boy
  3. Strictly and Doctor Who with my sister


Sunday 19th October

  1. Pretending to go sofa shopping (while waiting for another shop to open!)
  2. Cozying up under blankets to watch films (Frozen and Triumph)
  3. Profiteroles!


Monday 20th October

  1. Hot chocolates from an independent cafe
  2. Pumpkin and chorizo soup
  3. Important announcement at work about how my team works


Tuesday 21st October

  1. Teaching a colleague how to use the new phones
  2. Showing Dave how to knit. He didn’t understand
  3. Managing to stay awake (pretty much) until 10pm! (I’ve been very tired)


Okay, so only 9 more days to go! Let’s hope they are good ones!


Love Charlotte x