Well here we are, two weeks in to October and things are still going well! But what have been my highlights? Apparently it was these things:


Wednesday 8th October

  1. Finally had 121 meeting at work
  2. Reassured about job options
  3. Bake Off Final!


Thursday 9th October

  1. Evening meal with the boy
  2. The Ladykillers
  3. Introducing friends to theatre

Friday 10th October

  1. Left over snacks at work
  2. Potentially good news about Sam’s interview
  3. Catching up on Bake Off Extra Slice

Saturday 12th October

  1. Catching up on Strictly with my sister
  2. Starting to clear out some clutter
  3. Learning how to knit Stripes

Sunday 13th October

  1. Walk in the misty morning
  2. Ross Noble DVD – so funny
  3. Making pasta bake

Monday 14th October

  1. Super fast morning!
  2. Leftover lunch!!
  3. Very good news for my friend Sam

Tuesday 15th October

  1. Getting a Christmas present bought
  2. Second to last driving lesson before my test
  3. New Vanilla Chai Latte


Okay, so that’s not a bad mix of things. There’s been some big things, and some little things, but I definitely feel like doing this is making me more positive. Let’s see what next week brings!


Love Charlotte x