Oh deary me. I am behind on everything. The real world has gotten to my brain and made it feel like a jumble sale. But I am slowly getting back on track and it is time to catch up with my theatre reviews.


So… Here is a review with a slightly different subject. All the theatre shows I have been to so far this have been, well you know, in the theatre. However, this was in the cinema. Through the magic that is the internet the show was beamed LIVE across the country (and also the world!) so I didn’t have to go to Stephen Fry. Stephen Fry came to me.


Live streams aren’t new. They have been around for a while and it has been suggested that this is the sort of thing that cinemas will need to do to keep going. After all, with digital downloads and all that jazz, the cinema is less of an event than it once was. I have to really want to see a film to go and see it at the cinema. Midnight showings are my thing. They are exciting and an event. Just seeing a film is good, and of course it is more than just popping a DVD in. But at almost £10 a ticket it’s just not something I can prioritise.


I digress. Stephen Fry. Back to the topic at hand.


First of all, I would definitely recommend live screenings. After just talking about costs I feel obliged point out that it was more than a standard cinema ticket but at £15 it seemed pretty reasonable. No more expensive than the cheaper seats in a theatre and so much cheaper than the good seats. And because it was filmed, it was like being in the good seats.

Now I love me a bit if Stephen. He is brilliant, just brilliant. Engaging and interesting and above all honest. The show was to tie in with the release of the third install ment of his autobiography he talked frankly about both the highs and the lows of his life which I think is important. People experience dark times and that is okay. But being able to talk about them can help not only the person in question but also other people who might be struggling or suffering too.

Not that the show was all doom and gloom from Mr Fry’s past. Oh no. There was the sharp wit I expect, my favourite point probably being his apology to those punters sitting in the seats behind the stage. He said sorry for the fact that they had to look at his behind for the most part, then swiftly took back his apology and complimented his own derrière.


One things that did bother me a little bit, was that I couldn’t quite shake the idea that it could have been a pre-recording. I know it was live, of course I did but the way it was filmed, with close ups and mixed shots just gave it a feel of a one man show DVD. This is not a bad thing though. I love a comedy DVD and I’m sure a cinema could get away with just popping one on. People would laugh and it would be a fun evening out. What more do you want?


That is the question. What do you want from an evening out? Me and the boy had a good time and that is all that matters to me.


Love Charlotte x