Well, it’s the start of the second week of October so let’s have a look a t the good things that happened in the first!

Wednesday 1st October

  1. Friend Sam was back at work.
  2. Tea with the boy at Frankie and Benny’s (with discount voucher)! We got pizza and pasta and shared them! Genius idea.
  3. Live stream of Stephen Fry at the cinema – this was brilliant!

Thursday 2nd October

  1. Dutch Apple Cake. What could be better then unexpected homemade cake.
  2. The END of the old contract. Yes I had to stay until silly o’clock but at least it’s over.
  3. Salt and Pepper chips. Taste Sensation!

Friday 3rd October

  1. Quiet day in the office.
  2. Half day. Getting picked up at lunch time for a weekend trip is how all weeks should end.
  3. The Annex.

Saturday 4th October

  1. Lazy morning.
  2. Swapping lunches. Half and half meals are my new favourite thing.
  3. Pately Bridge: The oldest sweet shop in Britain

Sunday 5th October

  1. The lovely woman at the B&B. I hadn’t met her when we arrived but she was an absolute darling!
  2. Caves!
  3. Visiting the Black Sheep Brewery

Monday 6th October

  1. The super cute ghost below.
  2. Getting the new phones working in the office.
  3. Catching up on GBBO Extra Slice.

Tuesday 7th October

  1. Feeling like I knew what I was doing at work, at least for part of the day.
  2. Being silly in Primark with Phil.
  3. Jolly good driving lesson.

It has been well worth keeping these little lists each day because when I look back on the week overall I have a slightly negative feeling about it due to various factors. But looking at this shows me that actually, I had a really brilliant week and that I am very, very lucky.

I look forward to seeing what the next week brings!

Love Charlotte xxx